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About Founders

The idea was born by three people who love fashion and recognize the burgeoning fashion industry in Zanzibar. We decided to celebrate Zanzibar’s unique up-and-coming fashion and create a festival dedicated to our one-of-a-kind island fashion flavour. The decision to create a Fashion Week Zanzibar was made on the spur of the moment and the whirlwind hasn’t stopped since. The FWZ has evolved and grown all on its own, becoming more than a festival now – it has become a community event, involving people from all over the island, and a celebration of all things fashion and Zanzibari style.

Javed Jafferji

East Africa’s top photographer is more known for his stunning landscapes and portrait photography, and one of the founders of the first ever Zanzibar Tourism Show but Javed’s interest in fashion photography is longstanding, to starting Fashion Week Zanzibar, Javed hopes to both foster and nourish the burgeoning Zanzibari fashion industry and create a festival of local creativity, joining up-and-coming and established artists, models and fashion lovers of all stripes.

Farouque Abdella

Zanzibari-born fashion designer Farouque Abdela has worked internationally as a costume designer in film and theatre, a clothing designer (including for prolific clients such as Princess Diana and other international celebrities). Having moved back to Zanzibar in 2004, Farouque has fostered and encouraged the growth of the local fashion industry, empowering young aspiring designers with his knowledge and experiences

Adnan Abbas

His love for fashion has undoubtedly driven him to be part of Zanzibar Fashion week, being a vibrant young man and one of the founders of Zanzibar Tourism Show, he believes, Zanzibar has rather vast potentials to offer and if there is one thing that showcases the vitality, style and creativity of this country, is fashion